Our Story

Located in downtown Meridian, Mississippi, our shop has been specializing in new & used CD’s, vinyl, instruments and merchandise since 1996. Meridian Underground Music also offers a large selection of incense, black lights, fog machines, t-shirts, DJ equipment, candles and much more. In just under two decades, the MUM brand has grown into a nationally-recognized brand for independent musicians and fans.

Location Exterior Mural


Our sole objective is to spread a passion for independent music. The flagship store is the heart and soul of this endeavor with a sprawling product list of all our favorite things as well as a full calendar of events, concerts and shows throughout the year. Supporting local acts is something we strive to do in every way possible with a vision that goes beyond our backyard and across the country. We hope to continue promoting the idea that MUM is more than a store, but a frame of mind… a way of life.


Music is about so much more than the latest form of plastic it’s being printed on or software it’s being generated with. Our love for music goes far beyond the latest listening devices to explore the true essence of artistic expression. For us, MUM is about the independent spirit. We hope you’ll join us in embracing this movement as we explore, share and preserve the raw, authentic musical stylings we all live for.

About Us

Meridian Underground Music is so much more than a record store. Situated in one of Mississippi’s small town corners, we have an evolving inventory of items for sale both in-store and online. MUM was started by husband and wife team, Wayne & Stacey Williams. Together, with the help of their little ones, they have turned this modest passion project into a sub-cultural destination for the Midwest and beyond.